Steve Edwards


I am currently interested in landscapes, and in particular cityscapes of London. Living in London for over 30 years has given me many opportunities for observing the city and its
multi-various moods. As this series has grown, I have become interested in the dialogue between the sky and the buildings beneath.

This interest in landscape has been supported by the etched lino technique that I have utilised and experimented with, which lends itself particularly well to representing natural elements such as water and clouds.

Over the years, a completely unconscious fascination with bridges has revealed itself.


I was introduced to printmaking in 1980 whilst studying for a BA in Textile Design at Camberwell. I took up printmaking again in 1998 at the City Lit and fell in love with etching. I joined East London Printmakers in 2003, which gave me access to a well-equipped studio and a vibrant artistic community. I started experimenting with lino in 2005, and this has now become my main mode of expression. I joined Greenwich Printmakers in 2011 and the Printmakers Council in 2013.

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